Greenhouse Gas Analyses

Transparent and substantiated GHG estimates are essential for communities to appreciate the climate change implications of planning and policy decisions. Ascent specialists and planners offer services to enhance the understanding of GHG effects for all project and plan types:

  • Climate action plans (urban and rural)
  • GHG inventories and projections
  • California Air Resources Board regulatory review
  • Regional transportation planning and Sustainable Communities Strategies (SB 375)
  • CEQA and NEPA analyses
  • GHG threshold development
  • Lifecycle analyses
  • Carbon sequestration calculations
  • GHG policy development

Climate Change Adaptation

Resilience in the face of climate change effects is essential to the planning of development and infrastructure, and management of natural resources. Ascent resource specialists and planners offer services to promote climate resilience in projects and plans:

  • Vulnerability and risk assessment
  • General plan and specific plan adaptation policies
  • Resilience and sustainability plans
  • Adaptation strategy development
  • GIS-based vulnerability mapping
  • Wildfire protection plans
  • Sea-level rise constraints analysis
  • Adaptive management planning for habitat conservation