Does this describe you?

You have greatly enjoyed your field biology work, and yet, also relish collaboration with other natural resources professionals and agency staff to solve challenging resource problems. Recently, you’ve been thinking it’s time to be apply your senior-level skills to lead more projects, mentor other biologists, and provide key input in those problem-solving collaborations. You are team-oriented and highly motivated to guide a project through the regulatory compliance process, meet client objectives, and protect sensitive biological resources. Analytical thinking and writing quality are core skills; your colleagues see you as a Guardian of Grammar. You believe strongly in the value of well-conceived, concise, and clearly written analysis, so that planners, regulators, and public agency officials have technically accurate, objective, and reliable information to support their decisions.

Would you enjoy this:

If you worked at Ascent Environmental, this week you might:

  • Develop strategies for and lead surveys of existing biological conditions for a project to identify sensitive habitats or habitats for rare, threatened, or endangered species
  • Guide a staff biologist in preparation of a biological resource section for a CEQA document, evaluating potential environmental impacts and developing mitigation measures, and provide quality assurance reviews
  • Actively participate in a project initiation meeting with other environmental professionals for a complex, natural resources planning project that also affects multiple environmental resource areas
  • Develop and implement a regulatory compliance strategy for biological resources that could be affected by a project, including CWA permitting, FGC Section 1602 Notification, ESA consultation, and CESA permitting
  • Help prepare a scope of work and price estimate for new work to conduct surveys of nesting birds and riparian habitat on a project site to establish buffers to protect active nests and habitat quality during construction
  • Manage your own work and that of your team to stay within an agreed time-frame and budget to identify biological constraints to a project and to provide nimble, responsive service to your client

Here are some other things you may do:

  • Join the survey team you direct at a project site just to keep getting out in the field now and then
  • Speak at a conference about the latest analytical approaches, project issues, or regulatory amendments
  • Present an in-house training session about a current natural resources science or management topic, or regulatory change
  • Enjoy your colleagues’ quick wit, good humor, and lively discussions about climate change, CEQA nerd topics, Native American traditional ecological knowledge, or perhaps, costumes for the next Halloween parade

If you're interested, here's a bit more:

We are looking for a senior biologist to be a key member of Ascent’s Natural Resources practice; the location could be in any of our four offices. Excellent writing skills are important. Candidates should have a BS or MS in Biology, Ecology, or a related field and a minimum of 5-8+ years of relevant experience. Required are extensive knowledge of California habitats and wildlife species and strong interpersonal skills. The candidate will be working on interesting and complex projects throughout California. Ascent offers excellent benefits and a supportive, fun, intellectually challenging, and career-growing environment.

Still Interested?

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